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Fostering Changes (Cancelled)

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Nelson Training Room, Civic Offices, Floor 1, Core 6, Guildhall Square
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Foster Carers
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Foster Carers
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Course description

The Fostering Changes programme has been developed by Kings College in London and helps Carers to gain in depth understanding and skills to manage placements for looked after children.
It is held over 6 sessions delivered over 6 weeks.
The programme is based on different underlying theories such as attachment and social learning theories but is also very practical and gives Carers the opportunity to practice new skills and techniques both in the sessions and at home.
The Course will be run by the supervising social workers Andrea Peters and Cheryl Campbell who are both trained facilitators.

Training objectives
Learning outcomes

• Understand how children thrive and develop resilience
• Understand the backgrounds and experiences of Looked After Children and how they impact day to day behaviour
• Understand Attachment Theory and how to tailor parenting techniques accordingly
• Understand that Looked After Children can display a range of behaviours and that behaviours can be a response to trauma
• Understand the relationship between need and undesired behaviours
• Recognise the triggers to and consequences of undesired behaviours
• Design and use methods for tracking and observing behaviour
• Know how to set and manage limits with children
• Use praise and positive attention effectively
• Know how to give calm and clear instructions to children
• Use reflective listening
• Use selective ignoring with children
• Know how to support children to manage their emotions
• Use positive strategies to support the education of Looked After Children
• Know how to support children to problem-solve
• Know how to support Looked After Children to move on
• Be able to manage their own well-being

Additional Information
Start Date
Friday 5 June 2020
End Date
Friday 10 July 2020
Closing Date
Thursday 4 June 2020
10:00 - 13:30
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