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Vincent Driscoll
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Target Audience
Apprentices / Care Sector / NHS / CCG / Residential staff / Social Workers - Children / Social Workers - Adults / Volunteers
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Workshop, Course
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Training for CCG Managers / Training for CCG Staff / SCAT-PP / Training for PCC Staff / Training for PCC Managers / Gosport Borough Council / SDAS Staff / Solent NHS / Volunteers / Other
Developing Practice / Management and Leadership Skills / Personal Development
Course description

Leadership in the complex and fast changing modern workplace has become about unlocking the power and potential of people to achieve organisational goals. The old command and control, Taylorist management paradigm is no longer fit-for-purpose.

Anyone can become a leader by adapting their current specialist skill set and developing new skills and behaviours. This virtual workshop on Microsoft Teams explores leadership skills, on the assumption that leadership starts with self and identifying what it is that drives you and could inspire others to follow you. 



Training objectives

The trainer will ask you to identify questions that you would like answers to, so have a think about these before you attend (depending on your questions the day's content may be slighlty modified to your requirements)

Topics covered on the workshop include:

• Comparing leadership vs management - when is leadership required, how is it different to management?

• Qualities of an effective leader - looking at examples of different leaders in a variety of fields - what makes them stand apart as leaders?

• Different types of leadership in different settings, for different purposes

• Leadership behaviours, styles and mind-sets - what do great leaders think, say and do?

The trainer will ask you to identify actions you are going to take to build your leadership skills after the workshop. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, we want you to be able to:-

  • identify your personal leadership values and mission 

  • identify ways to increase your self-awareness and develop a positive approach to leadership

  • implement working practices and behaviours that will help you to become an effective leader


Additional Information

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Start Date
Monday 4 October 2021
End Date
Monday 4 October 2021
Closing Date
Friday 1 October 2021
10:00 - 14:00
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