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Dysphagia (Swallowing Problems)

Conference Room B (2nd Floor), Floor 2, Civic Offices
Course Tutors
Carolyn Cosgrove
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Target Audience
Care Sector / NHS / CCG / Residential staff
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Training for CCG Staff / SCAT-PP / Training for PCC Staff / Training for PCC Managers
Adult Social Care / Food Safety & Catering
Course description

Course Overview


Aims to raise awareness and knowledge of dysphagia and common swallowing problems. The course looks at the causes and issues around eating and drinking, how to recognise the signs of dysphagia and equip with skills to be able to manage dysphagia safely including the making of thickened drinks and awareness of modified food textures.



Training objectives

Target audience:


  • Anyone caring for or working with individuals suffering with swallowing difficulties



Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes:


• Describe, recognise possible swallowing problems
• List possible issues for people with dysphagia
• Gain an understanding of the IDDSI framework and any implications to the provision of food and drink
• Discover your role in reducing risk and demonstrate how to make thickened drinks to the correct consistency


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Start Date
Wednesday 24 November 2021
End Date
Thursday 25 November 2021
Closing Date
Tuesday 23 November 2021
10:00 - 12:00
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