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Virtual Learning Platform, Virtual Learning Platform
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Nicola Kerr
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Target Audience
Foster Carers / Social Workers - Children
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Training for PCC Staff
Children's Social Care / Developing Practice / Safeguarding Children
Course description

This course is for practitioners working with young people who are effected by or involved with gang culture and youth violence. Why do young people join gangs? This course will raise awareness of the issues and challenges relating to youth violence, weapon and gang culture. It will also provide practitcal and effective interventions for practitioners to use in their work.

Training objectives

The course aims to provide delegates with a more informed understanding of youth violence and gang culture with an emphasis on practical and effective interventions. It also aims to increase awareness around the issues and challenges young people face and increase confidence to engage and positively address these issues.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will:

  • Have a shared understanding of the current climate and debates regarding youth violence

  • Have an understanding of the factors that influence youth violence, weapon and gang culture

  • Have explored pratical tools available to workers in terms of effective and credible interventions, including exit strategies

  • Have an increased understanding of youth violence and gang culture, including the perspective of gang members themselves, and creating awareness of the role of peer pressure, reputations and exploitation within gang culture

  • Have identified positive values and obstacles in terms of engagment and effective practice with youth violence

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Start Date
Wednesday 24 November 2021
End Date
Wednesday 24 November 2021
Closing Date
Tuesday 23 November 2021
09:30 - 16:30
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