Virtual seminar: Leading a Hybrid Team

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Vincent Driscoll
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Workshop, Meeting
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Training for CCG Managers / Comensura / Training for PCC Managers / Gosport Borough Council / Solent NHS
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As we progress through and out of the current pandemic, the majority of our teams are expected to be operating a hybrid model of working with some staff located in the office, either part or full-time, and some staff working from home. This model of team leadership is entirely novel to the vast majority of our managers and some of the challenges it will bring cannot be entirely known or understood at this point.

This one-hour facilitated virtual event for PCC, GBC and NHS / CCG managers is part of a learning package intended to support managers in effectively leading a hybrid team. The other part of the package is going to be a module on the intranet where managers can access self-help learning materials and tools.

The seminar will be conversational rather than a one-way content dump, so please come to the session with a question for the facilitators, or share what you have learnt and other effective practices you've implemented since March 2020.

This seminar will also be help L&D in identifying the support needs and concerns of our managers so that we can provide a more bespoke offering later. So please give this some thought before attending.


Training objectives

To share good practices and increase the confidence of our managers in leading a hybrid team.

Learning outcomes

In conjunction with the self-help materials on the intranet, delegates will start, or continue:

  • to implement effective, appropriate hybrid team leadership practices

  • become increasingly aware of the risks and opportunities that hybrid leadership bring

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Start Date
Tuesday 17 August 2021
End Date
Tuesday 17 August 2021
Closing Date
Monday 16 August 2021
15:30 - 16:30
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